Featured DevConnect Partner Interview – Mutare on the Future of the Communications Industry

I was recently interviewed by Avaya DevConnect to get some background on Mutare are views of the future of the communications industry.  The interview is reproduced below:

Featured Partner, Mutare specializes in messaging, mobile apps, self-service IVR, and notification systems. Rich Quattrocchi, Director of Marketing talks about Mutare and the benefits they bring to your business. Mutare headquarters is Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.

Question #1 – What is the primary focus of your business?

Mutare’s primary focus is to deliver communication solutions that help our customers increase sales, decrease costs or meet regulatory requirements. We specialize in unified messaging, smart notification and speech technology solutions. We deliver our applications to our customers worldwide through our network of reseller partners.

Question #2Tell me something about the history of your company.

When most people in the Avaya ecosystem think of Mutare, they likely associate us with voicemail to email and IVR solutions as well as outstanding customer service and support. That is because our 24 year history dates all the back to the days of VMX, Octel and Lucent. Mutare was one of the original developer partners to the legacy companies that preceded Avaya. When re-sellers had a customer challenge, they turned to Mutare to help meet it.

Today, the Avaya ecosystem still turns to Mutare for innovative solutions. While our application portfolio has changed to meet the needs of today’s customers, the one thing that has not changed is reputation for outstanding customer support. In fact, in all that time, we have experienced no turnover in our operations group.

Question #3 What fundamental shifts to you see coming in the communications industry?

Today’s customers have their sights set on growth. CEOs are turning to their CIOs challenging them to deliver applications that engage customers, enhance workflow and grow the value of their business. It turns out most organizations can increase bottom line profits by 24% simply by increasing customer retention by 5%. It is far easier to retain an existing customer who already knows likes and trusts you than it is to acquire a new one. The fundamental shift we will all see will be going from a cost cutting mindset to revenue growth.

Question #4 – What technologies do you think will have the biggest impact in the next five or ten years?

The tools that will transform the communication industry are the cloud, mobile applications and Software as a Service (SaaS). The communication industry will shift very rapidly from the hardware / software models of yesterday to cloud based SaaS and mobile technologies that deliver high value from customer engagement, enhanced workflow and less complexity. The change has already started and is irreversible.

Question #5What is the value of being a DevConnect Technology Partner?

That is an easy answer “symbiosis”. Mutare is an agile organization that can quickly deliver software and SaaS solutions that benefit the Avaya ecosystem. End users, resellers, Avaya and Mutare all mutually benefit through a division of labor and specialization delivering solutions to customer problems that no single vendor could ever provide on their own.

Question #6What is the most important thing you’d like our Facebook community to know about your company?

The one thing I would encourage the Facebook community to do is to engage Mutare early in the process anytime there is a messaging, notification or speech technology need. We can help customers achieve value faster and our partners to close more business.

For more information visit http://www.mutare.com


About rquattrocchi

Rich Quattrocchi is an industry thought leader with many years of senior level management experience in the medical and information technology sectors. He currently leads the business development efforts for Mutare, an independent software developer specializing in unified messaging, HIPPAA compliant messaging, secure contact center chat and computer telephony solutions. He is the founder and President of the Bridge Group Online, a consulting practice that specializes in digital marketing. He is also the founder and former President of Home Access Health Corporation an at-home medical testing company. Mr. Quattrocchi holds six patents covering interactive voice response, computer telephony integration, closed loop quality control and medical devices for confidential detection and reporting of complex human maladies.
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