How to Get the Children on Your Family Mobile Plan to Respond to Your Calls

Bridging the Phone Generation Gap with Voicemail to Text

Young people today hate voicemail. If you are at all like me a parent with millennium generation children then the following things are true:

  • You are paying for a family cell phone plan that includes unlimited texting and likely a data plan as well
  • Your children on the plan prefer to text as opposed to talk
  • You prefer to talk as opposed to text
  • When you call your child with something important you seldom speak them and your call goes to voicemail
  • Your child seldom listens to voicemail but respond to text messages almost immediately
  • You are frustrated

The solution is simple. Purchase a voicemail to email plan that will let you leave voice messages for your children that then are converted to text and sent their cell phone as a text message or email. I set up gistt for my two sons and all my voicemail communication frustrations have disappeared. I highly recommend it.

There are several such services now available, but by far the easiest one to use is from Mutare and can be ordered online at They offer a free 14-day trial, monthly billing and even offer discounted plans pre-paid one year in advance. The service includes a hosted voicemail box, delivery to two email addresses and you cancel anytime without penalty.

Even cooler, with gistt you can set voicemail to email up for yourself and use it for both you cell and business with only one account! It will work with any phone line that has a unique ID and can forward calls.

If you are a parent in this same situation, and would like to share your story, email me at and we will publish the most creative and amusing solutions on our blog.


About rquattrocchi

Rich Quattrocchi is an industry thought leader with many years of senior level management experience in the medical and information technology sectors. He currently leads the business development efforts for Mutare, an independent software developer specializing in unified messaging, HIPPAA compliant messaging, secure contact center chat and computer telephony solutions. He is the founder and President of the Bridge Group Online, a consulting practice that specializes in digital marketing. He is also the founder and former President of Home Access Health Corporation an at-home medical testing company. Mr. Quattrocchi holds six patents covering interactive voice response, computer telephony integration, closed loop quality control and medical devices for confidential detection and reporting of complex human maladies.
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